Getting busy in the kitchen

Posted July 25 2013 @12:32pm by admin


June 2013 saw us launch back into a full scale media campaign for Mastercraft Kitchens. Prime time television, online banner marketing, and full page magazine ads begun rolling out mid-June in addition to our ongoing AdWords, brochure and branding work for this quickly expanding company.

Our relationship with Mastercraft Kitchens is a great example of a creative agency providing more value to a client by applying a consistent and co-ordinated message across a number of media channels. Extra benefits are found in applying understandings gleaned from one channel to others. For example, our Google AdWords work provides significant insights into target audience behaviour which translate into improved headlines in press and magazine advertisements.

Using objective data from Google is a sound way to explore different creative propositions and see which ones resonate with your target audience the best. This data can be relied on when launching into media channels where feedback is not so easily tracked, for example, magazine advertising.

Of course using a full-service agency like ICON will allow easier cross-channel discussions. Clear insights into your product, budget, legal considerations, target audience, and corporate personality can be developed, and applied across the board with obvious minimisation of duplication and miscommunication.

So if you want us to get busy in your kitchen, send us a quick email here or call us on 0800 ICON ADS (0800 426 623).