Graphic design – let your message breathe

Our approach to print design is simple: it’s simplicity

Trim away the fat and leave your readers with something easy to understand and connect with. Don’t shout at them – they’re not deaf. People love to buy but hate to be sold to so let’s use fewer star bursts and more star shots. With copy, use less quantity and more quality. Remember that in press and magazine advertising, only 20% of people read further than the headline so let’s focus on something short and snappy rather than long and dreary.

If you have a great photograph, let’s not shout it down with graphic overlays, fiddly design and superfluous text. Let the photo talk.

If you have a message that does require a long copy solution as opposed to a short copy strategy, that’s doable too. Use white space, image markers and good choice typography choices to pull your reader through to your call-to-action.

Simplicity breeds clarity. If we have to remove extraneous material from your advertisement, we end up focussing on the key message you want to share with your audience. As clients and design agency, this clarity ensures we achieve our goals.

People love people

CCC-SSposter-cutdownA lot of our advertising design features people. That’s because not only do we like people, but buyers like people too. We humans connect with faces. When people turn the page in a magazine or newspaper, they will automatically scan for faces first.

It’s just another subtlety that adds to the power of your advertisement, brochure, flyer, poster or signage.

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