How to increase sales with the simple push of a button

Posted November 19 2013 @11:55am by admin

Are you wondering how to increase sales now and through into next year?

e-newsletter-november-blogThe answer could be as simple as clicking a button – particularly if that button is the ‘send’ button that will unleash a creative and engaging monthly mailer (like our GO Rentals example) to a dedicated database of subscribers. Done right, ongoing email direct-mailers, or eDMs, can significantly increase your sales.

Here are four reasons eDMs are the most cost-effective marketing you could dream of:

1. eDMs are effective because you are preaching to the converted.

If someone has subscribed to your marketing list, there’s a very good chance that they are satisfied customers or keen prospects. Clearly, they have indicated a genuine interest in your business by offering you their email address. This group of people are by far the most likely group to get significant sales from, as long as you can retain their attention for long enough, and keep them on-side (ie subscribed).

2. eDMs are proactive.

Websites are wonderful things. Yet for all their usefulness they remain a relatively passive marketing tool – someone has to stumble across your site before you get any benefit from it.

Despite having positive feelings about a brand, it is easy to forget about it, or fall under the spell of competition who are better at staying ‘front-of-mind’. Just because a customer has dealt with you in the past, doesn’t mean they can recall your brand or remember you when it comes to another purchase.

An eDM breaks through the mind fog and emblazons your brand and your message across your subscriber’s inbox, reminding them who you are.

3. eDMs are scalable.

You don’t need a Briscoe’s budget to make a splash with your customers.

Email can be tuned to your marketing budget with simple adjustments in frequency, and size. You may want to release a promotional offer every three months. Or, if you are getting strong responses from your eDMs, you can increase the frequency to monthly and provide a number of interesting stories to provide some fresh angles for engagement. There’s a size to fit practically any marketing budget.

4. eDMs are as cheap as chips.

In the old days, you would not only pay for the writing and design of your monthly newsletter, but you would also pay for the printing, wrapping, data-merging, labelling and postage, all of which would significantly increase costs. So many trees consumed in the pursuit of little return.

Today, email marketing can be done on a budgie-sized budget very little outlay. With a bit of research and self-tuition, you can do it all in-house, or, as some of our clients do, spend a bit more on professional copywriting and design and make every post a winning post. Either way, you can get a lot of return for very little dosh.

In summary, if you haven’t started on the road to eDM marketing, now is a good time. Christmas is coming and starting with a non-commercial Christmas greeting, at the very least, is a great way to kick off your eDM strategy. If you feel a little lost, please don’t hesitate to talk to us about how we can help you get going.