Effective email marketing

Email marketing (sending email newsletters) is a highly cost-effective way of keeping in touch with clients and prospective clients. It’s quick, offers highly measurable results and is easily personalised. Most importantly, email marketing is proactive ensuring you keep your brand top of mind with your clients, build new relationships and actively promote your services with special offers.

GO-eNewsletter-01Whether you are starting from scratch (no database, no stories, no idea), or have made a start, we can provide the strategies, design expertise, and web writing talent to build your database, sell products and services, and avoid unnecessary unsubscribes and complaints. Please remember that in accordance with New Zealand legislation, email newsletters should only be sent to email address recipients that have chosen to opt-in (we don’t spam, man).

There are a lot of pitfalls with email marketing but we can help you avoid the traps and prosper in a very competitive environment.

Email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp

ICON’s preferred Email newsletter platform is Mailchimp. Don’t be fooled by the name, Mailchimp has grown exponentially over the last few years. The secret of its success has been its useability and its reporting capabilities.

Mailchimp provides interactive graphs showing you how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, what percentage clicked, and much more. In short, comprehensive reporting gives us a really good idea of what your audience likes and dislikes and allows us to fine-tune your future email marketing campaigns.


Take a look at this sample Mailchimp report:

Reports Overview MailChimp