Our People

Russell Dye creative guy
Russell Dye - creative guy


Head honcho and incredibly creative guy

Russell can wrestle scary deadlines into tap-out submissions. He can drink four cups of coffee an hour (the true mark of an advertising person is actually two an hour – any less and you should be an accountant – with all due respect to accountants of course). Russell has been in advertising for 28 years. He started when he was 3 (for those trying to work out his age). Russell Dye is our key account manager and head creative – a handy set of skills as his proximity to clients allows him to develop relevant and effective creative direction.

Yes. At Icon we’re real.

The ICON team is friendly, approachable and highly skilled in finding ways to promote your business.

Our building doesn’t have a large neon sign that requires an entire wind farm to power. We don’t have 80 staff. And we don’t drive Porsches. Not yet anyway. We’ve got to this point the hard way – doing great work, building trust, building relationships, and constantly improving our services.

While many marketing agencies specialise in particular fields, at ICON it’s our clients that we specialise in. We get to know your needs, your products, your market, and your aspirations for growth. We can then seamlessly and efficiently integrate promotions and campaigns across the various media we manage for you, be it Facebook, website, brochures, banners and more.