Tell more – sell more

Posted July 25 2013 @12:35pm by admin


If you want a more competitive website, the good news is that there is a simple, and reasonably inexpensive way to increase your Google ranking, and therefore visitors arriving to your site: more content – specifically more text. Unfortunately, many website owners make the mistake of thinking that their readers will get bored with too much text and won’t read through it.This thinking may be the result of the website owner not being a reader and also ignores two important principles of web marketing:

  1. You need to provide a reasonable amount of copy (text content) to have the opportunity to use targeted keywords in a natural and engaging style. A word count of around 500 words per page gives you the opportunity to use up to ten targeted keyword phrases without sounding like an endlessly repeating robot. Your key words can be used in a variety of instances and combinations, providing not only a solid base for SEO performance, but also a coherent, natural read.
  2. Website visitors rarely read from the first word to the last. They tend to skim read as they seek to pick out the relevant points. With more text, readers can pick and choose the relevant pieces and ignore the rest. More text means more opportunity to flag them down. To help with readability, it pays to punctuate your copy with images, bullet points, sub headings and graphics. These visual markers break up long copy and provide reference points for readers to skim around.

Of course the emphasis should be on quality content. Not just word count. What you say is more important than how much you say. Quality copy is the result of a clear up-front strategy, and a competent copywriter who understands your market, and your product or service.

One key principle in delivering effective copy is to ensure it is written with the reader’s point-of-view in mind. Unfortunately, many website designers don’t fully grasp this and follow a well-worn and ultimately ineffective track to mediocrity. They may lead with information about the business. They may show pictures of the staff and vehicle fleet. They may even think that readers are interested in the company’s vision statement. The end result is a self centred, chest-beating website that does little for the company’s sales.

A better strategy is to understand that website visitors are also self centred and are only interested in what they can get from you, be it information, guidance, entertainment, or a product. The key to good content is to provide visitors with what they want, while getting what you want at the same time…the sale. It’s called win-win.

So don’t fear big copy. It loves you. And SEO loves it too.